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Bend Oregon Distressed

While it is a fact that hardwood furniture’s offer a certain appeal that has made them a popular furniture’s choice these days, not a lot of people like the look of new ones. There are those that would prefer them to look a little less sleek and perfect to get that rustic vibe to their interiors.

Many homeowners would want to showcase the grains and knots of the wood instead of the flawless look. In this case, a distressed finish would be the way to go. At Bend Wood Finishing, we will be more than happy to create a distressed finish for your woodwork for you.

When we create a distressed finish, we will design the surface to give it that worn and old feel. This means that they will come with a textured finish which is aimed at enhancing the natural grain of the wood. If you want it to be extra rustic, we can work towards revealing its natural character, knots, cracks, blemishes and other natural features included.

​What’s good with properly distressed wood is that it will have reliability, stability and strength that is similar to reclaimed wood. This makes it the ideal choice for those that want to recreate that old-world, antique and rustic feel to their interiors. If this is the type of look you want for your woodwork at home, the name to call is Bend Wood Finishing!