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Bend Oregon Glaze

Looking for ways that your woodwork will appear shiny and smart? Wood glaze is one finish you might want to look into. Ideal for giving any wooden surface that sheen, it will certainly help preserve the appearance of the surface while at the same time, offer considerable protection to improve its lifespan in the process.

When used on soft wood, this substance will leave the surface with a high-grade sheen while also making it resistant to scratches, dents and moisture. While seemingly easy enough to apply, it can get a bit tricky due to its thick nature. When done wrong, not only will it record every brushstroke you make, which can look a bit unattractive, it might also end up hiding any pattern on the wooden surface that you wish to highlight.

At Bend Wood Finishing, we have perfected the techniques involved in glaze application over the years to give you that professional top-quality finish. Our specialists are not only extensively trained but have also been doing the job for the longest time so you can trust that their output is nothing short of top- notch.

​We handle all types of wood surfaces from furniture’s to cabinets, to furniture and fixtures. We also offer a whole host of wood finishing solutions to keep your woodwork protected and preserve its aesthetics for a long time. Call us today to learn more!