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Bend Oregon Pigment Lacquer

Got a wooden surface that’s looking a bit worn-out? You don’t have to replace it just yet. With the right refinishing product, you may still be able to bring it back to its glory days. One choice to consider when getting the surface refinished is applying pigment lacquer.

This high viscosity material is ideal for worn-out-looking surfaces due to its concentrated pigmented nature. It helps act as a topcoat that will then cover any imperfections on the surface underneath. Since there are a variety of pigments you can choose from, it allows you to select darker pigments to help conceal whatever you wish to underneath.

These types of lacquers are generally formulated to contain exceptional solid to ensure a raid build. It dries fast too, which is ideal for those that do not want to have to deal with long waiting times and it is also known for its excellent leveling and flow. This means that you won’t ever have to worry about the surface feeling uneven once the application is carried out.

​At Bend Wood Finishing, we generally recommend the application of pigment lacquer for woodworking that has seen a bit of its share of wear and tear. It is most useful at restoring the aesthetics of any surface that is showing clear signs of deterioration. At the same time, it offers excellent protection too. Learn more about the benefits of pigment lacquer by calling us today!