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Bend Oregon Poly Acrylic Lacquer

When it comes to wooden surfaces, your choice of finish is as crucial as your timber of choice. After all, it is what determines the overall protection the wood surfaces will get against wear and tear.

When showcasing the natural beauty of wood, you will want a finish that is going to highlight, instead of hiding it. At the same time, you need a product that will prevent it from getting exposed to heavy usage, moisture and heat. Whether it is a newly refinished furniture’s or a new wooden bench, one very popular sealer you should consider looking into is poly acrylic lacquer.

A water-based product, it is generally less toxic and smelly compared to other types of lacquer which makes it more ideal to work with, especially in home settings. If you’re not keen on dealing with heavily scented wood finishes, this is one choice to consider. It generally dries fast too, however, you do need to ensure that it has properly cured before touching the surface as it might scratch if you touch it too soon.

While it can be ideal for DIY projects, knowledge and technical expertise are necessary when applying this substance. Doing it wrong can leave a rather cloudy appearance on the surface, which can mess with the esthetics of the project.

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