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Bend Oregon Specialty Finishes

Wood surfaces require finishing to not only preserve its aesthetics and appeal but also to protect it from wearing out. The right finish will ensure that your wooden surfaces will remain looking good for a long time. For those instances when you want to make sure that you’re getting the best in both aesthetics and protection as far as wood coats and finishes go, we offer specialty finishes.

As wood finishing specialists, we are here to help guide you to pick the best finish that will work best for the kind of surface you need to be finished, coated and protected. We offer a wide variety of penetrating and surface finishes all aimed to keep the look of your wooden surfaces for years to come while ensuring that they remain durable.

From water-based finishes, oil-based types, moisture-cured ones to UV-cured finishes and many more, we have it all. Our team of finishing experts can come to your home and get the job done on the site or we can get it done in our shop too— whichever is most convenient for you. We offer a wide range of color palette and a whole host of customization options to ensure that the resulting work isn’t just going to meet your expectation but also go beyond that.

​When you can’t decide which specific finish is the right for your wooden surfaces, our specialty finishes at Bend Wood Finishing may just be perfect for you!