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Bend Oregon Painting Versus Finishing

When it comes to finishing woodwork, people will eventually have to decide who they are going to finish it. Wood needs to be properly sealed and applying the right finishing product can make or break it and will also determine how many years down the road it is going to last. There are all types of finishing available in the market these days and paint is one of them. There are also products like stains and glazes that don’t mask the appearance of the surface but instead just lock it while allowing the natural grains, knots and patterns of the wood to show through.

​Paint is ideal for surfaces that you want to have the most protection. It is thicker so it will require fewer coats, but it will conceal whatever the appearance of the wood surface is. If you have hardwood surfaces, however, which are worth revealing its natural appearance, then finishes like stains and glazes may be the better option as it offers protection while enhancing the natural beauty of the woodwork