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Bend Oregon Trim & Baseboards

Trims and baseboards, like any woodwork in your home, need the proper finish to seal the surface and protect it as well as maintain its beauty. It is common for homeowners to go for paint as a finish for these types of woodwork as it not only brings attention to the baseboards and the trim but will also bring about smoothness, durability and an overall appeal to the woodwork.

While it is always tempting to attempt to DIY such a project, considering how much of an impact the results will have on the overall look of your interiors you will be better off calling the experts in to get the job done for you. Bend Wood Finishing has been a reliable partner for homeowners for all their woodwork finishing and refinishing needs. Whether you are tackling a new build or just want to get your woodwork an update, we are the best players in town.

​We have a team of highly experienced and extensively trained finishers that have been in the job for years. They have handled hundreds of finishing and refinishing work and are the top-recommended specialists in Bend and other nearby areas. Offering some of the best rates while maintaining consistently top-notch service quality, there is a reason we are the name to call for your trim and baseboard finishing needs! Call us today!